Wednesday, June 24, 2009

winter holidays..

okay so i use the term holidays VERY loosely as i am working nearly full time hours. BUT it does mean no more prac and no assignments for 6 weeks so im thankful for the small blessings. and it also means that i will have more time to tick things off my 'to do' list.
so far it looks like this.

*learn to sew
*watch french movies
*cook yummy vegetable soups
*sell clothes on ebay
*go walking in the bush
*watch the 'new moon' trailer over and over and over
*drink good coffee
*beat my little brother at wii
*plan our next holiday
*find more vintage shoes
*watch the first season of 'packed to the rafters'
*finish our wedding album

i'll keep you posted on any progress made to this list :)

p.s. what i would REALLY love to do is go to new zealand to test out my new snow suit but it doesnt look like that will be happening anytime soon - so its soup and sewing for now!!

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