Monday, October 24, 2011

my favourite photo from nepal...

this is raj.
he has no parents. no family.
he shares his two bedroom house with 35 other orphans
he shares his single bed with another boy.
he decided that we were going to friends.
so he held my hand
and we made lots of friendship bracelets
and he brought me some flowers when i left
and made me cry...

this is raj.
he taught me about life.
that joy is possible.
that it isn't about what you have.
that holding someone's hand can change their life...

this is raj.
i am so glad that he decided we were going to be friends.


  1. that is so beautiful and it must have been awfully hard leaving *sob*

    he has a beautiful smile & he is smiling with his eyes too! so precious

  2. Such thoughtful insights...sounds like Nepal was a life-changing experience. i would love to visit one day.

  3. I think we all need a Raj moment in our lives to make us realise just how lucky we are with what we already have.
    And he is gorgeous ... look at that smile!!

  4. Beautiful. Puts it all into perspective doesn't it.

  5. so beautiful. hope you and raj are able to keep in touch. it's so hard to leave them isn't it?

  6. tears are welling. so beautiful. thank you for those wise words. you are both so lucky to have met each other. x

  7. this is gorgeous. i love your post. and the picture is soooooo cute. he looks like a darling little boy!

    i love that he brought you flowers. that is the sweetest thing ever.

    allister bee blog