Saturday, July 4, 2009

not quite a holiday

im trying to be a good little blogger and post on a semi-regular basis. can you tell? and in the spirit of being a good blogger i thought it was appropriate to let you all (my fine followers - all 9 of you. haha) know that i will not be posting for the next week or so as i am heading out bush with 20 totally rad teens from church in the spirit of service! the plan is to run kids clubs, eat cake, clean up australia one backyard at a time, freeze our buttocks off and just generally bring joy! will have updates upon my return. im also hoping to sneak out and check out the local op shops and uncover hidden treasures :).

its certainly not the greek islands or the south of france (one day!) but im dertermined to have fun and appreciate the little things...

on an unrelated note... i want hair like this :)

p.s- attempted my first sewing project on thursday. will post about progress when i get back.

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