Thursday, April 22, 2010

my week at the op shop

i managed to get quite a bit of op shopping done this week. im trying to stock up so that when i go on my five weeks of prac i wont feel the withdrawals too hard!!

here is the loot...
beautiful old classics
quirky fruit tea towels

gorgeous old floral sheets and pillowcases :)

also managed to find a few super cute dresses and shirts that will be up in the shop in the next week or so. and the most fabulous hot pink lace party dress that deserves its own post... so stay tuned!

happy weekend xx


  1. great finds - the florals are so pretty and I love the fruity tea towel :)

  2. oh thanks allana! its so hard to find floral vintage sheets these days so i was stoked when i uncovered these :)

  3. I know! I was lucky and found a few today, but that was between 5 oppies!
    Have you seen the vintage sheet FQ swap happening over here?
    Allana :)

  4. i am signed up and ready to go! what a great idea :) can't wait!

  5. oh yay! looks like its going to be great! I hope I end up with a piece of that pink sheet, yummy! lol.