Wednesday, October 27, 2010

just a minute in... october

watching... tv on dvd. i seem to recycle the same series (what is the plural of this word? serieses? seriei? series? haha... anyways...) over and over. its grey's anatomy, criminal minds or how i met your mother.

eating... what is in the cupboard. i made a deal with myself that i would try to use what i have in the cupboard over the past fortnight rather than ducking up to the shops everyday to buy something for dinner. i have about 10 tins of lentils begging to be used! any ideas?

listening to... the air conditioner - it's that hot!

excited about... an upcoming overseas trip! (more about this later)


  1. Oo I want to hear about your trip!

  2. The little brown lentils go well thrown in at the end with a little sauteed chorizo, cubed potato, onion and garlic, with wilted spinach and a dash of balsamic. I also have a great lentil and vegie pie recipe if you're interested...