Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i haven't been able to stop thinking about this asos skirt ever since i saw it over at a cup of jo. if only the hubby and i hadn't just done up a new budget on the weekend... does the fact that asos have free worldwide shipping justify it?


  1. um, i have been so naughty BECAUSE of the free shipping!

  2. i love this. i won't tell him if you purchase it....but maybe wearing it will give it away..

  3. of course it justifies it....going to look at it now!

  4. Such a nice skirt -Sucks about the budget!
    I've had a similar problem! i have spent weeks of trying to talk myself out of buying an ASOS skirt.. I eventually just did it two days ago!
    Plus it turned out to be cheaper than what it said it would be in AUD on the site.. bonus!
    The free shipping totally gets me in.

  5. ... now look at what you've gone and made me do!!