Thursday, October 20, 2011

mail = love

1. a late birthday present (from myself.. haha). does anyone else feel like online shopping gives you twice the thrills? once when you hit that 'buy it now' button and again when it turns up all lovely and pretty in your mailbox?
2. a book from my 'wishlist'
3. the most gorgeous naughty shorts dress. i am saving it for the perfect occasion. i'm sure you will be seeing a lot of this beauty!
4 & 5. i returned from nepal to find this lovely handmade pot holder in my mailbox from the even lovelier kylie - it has quickly become my new favourite! 
6. a new book (wrapped in an awesome handmade tote!) from Allana! can't wait to get creating for nieces and nephews!

have a happy weekend xx Kel


  1. oh flowers! it's autumn here, seeing pretty flower shapes is refreshing.

    so much love for your blog!

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

  2. Ahh they all look lovely, can't wait to do projects with lil kiddies. Karen Walker does the most amazing jewellry too.. it's nice to splash out:)

  3. *sigh* what lovely treats! I can't wait to see you in your Naughty Shorts creation, love the fabric you chose! Mine fitted like a glove, Bec is amazing!:)

  4. Snap! I have a similar pot holder that I just love :)
    A naughty shorts dress? No way...I have only just found her blog and her dresses are amazing!!!


  5. Oh mail is lovely. I get a little high from purchasing an item and then receiving it in the mail. It's a nice surprise when it turns up.
    I like the look of those books. And Karen Walker :) Love

  6. Love a good online pressie - definitely worth the wait and oh so exciting when it turns up in the letter box!! Lucy x

  7. Everything looks just gorgeous.
    I love a little online shopping and if only I could get myself a naughty shorts dress - heaven!

  8. oh i wanted to see more of the karen walker birthday goodness!! is it a dress?