Monday, April 16, 2012

around here...

. : we believe that pulling the doona up counts as making the bed

. : we are picking salads straight from the garden

. : the ugg boots are almost being worn

. : i am waiting by the mailbox for the latest frankie

. : the chickens are still laying

. : scarves have been taken out of their drawer

. : deep breaths are being taken

. : plans are being made

. : we are reading as much as we can about organic gardening

. : seedlings are being planted

. : green smoothies help wake us up in the morning


  1. I like your style re: bed making. Autumn is definitely in the air here too and we have finally started settling into more layers.

  2. i thought that was THE way to make a bed? I've never done differently:)
    Also- green smoothies YES! And...I have officially planted my first vegetable (oh wait, tomato is a fruit isn't it? oh well:).
    Hope its all good back at work, love, xox

  3. Ahh yes Miss 12 does that too with her bed, looks good on the top and that's what counts:) I am enjoying that nip in the air too, I love wearing warm clothes and scarves. Have a great week Kel. xx

  4. I think rumply made beds, look alot nicer than propely made ones sometimes...although they tend to lure you back in again...which isn't always a good thing x

  5. I'm so with you on the pulling up the doona front! Kellie xx

  6. I've just discovered a great recipe for green smoothies so I'm really looking forward to trying them. Apparently they are amazing for your skin and digestion which is just what I want.

    C x

  7. I am much more compulsive about bed making! I blame working in a hotel when I was at Uni. :)

    Did your Frankie arrive? Mine was ungraciously stuffed in to my letter box yesterday, but no worse for wear because of it. Looking forward to a few stolen moments to read it.

  8. Yes I believe pulling the doona up counts as making the bed too Kellie!