Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the bright side??

today was one of those terrible days where i went to uni and acomplished nothing, got yelled at by an old man at the petrol station and was attacked by a rogue bird! so to counteract this im looking for the lovely things in my life...

* a date with my husband tonight

* polaroid photos

* friday night picnics

* no ironing

* air con in my car

* days off work

* living near my brother

* op shopping

* roadside fruit and vegie stalls

* fairy lights

* afternoon tea

* french films

* merlo coffee

* typewriters (well i dont actually have one of these in my life but i plan to one day and then it will be lovely:) )

*learning to play the guitar

* balloons

am feeling much better :) however, will still keep an eye out for dive bombing birds

love x

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