Saturday, March 21, 2009

untapped brisbane

im not a huge fan of brisbane. i think its cos i've lived in melbourne and after melbourne anything is a bit disappointing. but on friday night brisbane really pulled through for me! a group of us went and frolicked by the river at new farm and ate some good food and chatted about some of the ugly names that parents give their children. like gregory. or maureen. we also chatted about awesome names that our future children might just be lucky enough to have. like willow. or india. (okay i confess, its just me that likes those names - but its my blog so i'll take as many liberties with the story as i please!!).

now this evening joy would not have taken place in melbourne because by about 4.30 in the afternoon its getting a bit too cold to leave the house without snow suiting up. one point to brisbane. however, melbourne has st kilda, bridge road, the vegie bar, a sweat free summer, my niece and the joys of winter. brisbane tends to skip winter.

i do love melbourne. but on friday night brisbane got my vote. love, laughter and innapropriate jokes. beat that melbourne.

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