Thursday, March 26, 2009

the joy of the world wide web

i feel like i've discovered a whole new world in the past few weeks with the discovery of both blogging and etsy. new realms of pleasure and increasing amounts of quality time with any available computer have been revealed to me! on the flip side, my discoveries have not really come at the greatest of times as im frantically trying to write 5000 words of essays before next thursday. i fear that when i get my graded assignments back it will be hideously obvious that my priority during this time was indeed the world wide web and not the queensland education system!

here are some of my favourite etsy discoveries...

BTunique <------------> amandaarcher

sarahseven <------------> paintedmetal

do you see why im so distracted? please hurry up and pay me kevin rudd so that when i have to drop out of uni at least i'll be well dressed :)

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