Sunday, May 2, 2010

as promised :)

i think op shopping is all luck. i try to increase the odds by going more often and therefore getting all the good stuff before anyone else even gets a look in. i have two local op shops that i will usually try and get to at least once a week (no im not going to tell you where they are - haha)! i have found some of my best stuff here and im convinced its only cos im there so much! this pink party dress is a new favourite.. perfect for the upcoming op shop formal im helping to host for some of the kids at church (which is really just an excuse to buy a fab new vintage dress!!).
have a wonderful week :)


  1. What an amazing dress and a fabulous op shop find!

    Thanks for joining in the Vintage Sheet swap, just need an email address please.

  2. hi ange - i accidently left my email address off the first post so i wrote it on the second :) its and i received an email from you a few days ago! looking forward to the swap! have a lovely night :)