Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i made it myself :)

i popped along to the more recent brown owls meeting here in brisbane and found myself crocheting! who would have thought? i really am crafty now!! i have just been practising crocheting dish cloths cos even i can't go too wrong with them :) last week i decided it was time to branch out and try something new...

i popped my search into youtube and found this little gem! there are heaps of great tutorials out there on the world wide web but i can reccommend this one as it was so easy to follow... even i could do it!

then i just stitched the loose ends back into the heart and glued some brooch pins onto the back! super cute and easy :)


  1. Soo sweet! You did a great job! I have been following the tutorial at Meet Me At Mikes to make granny squares...had to re-read when my 'squares' turned into a bag hmmm. Fun though isn't it!!

  2. oh thanks Allana :) i am hoping to work my way up to make a granny square blanket! am not quite that clever yet - but it definately is fun!