Thursday, May 27, 2010

you've got mail

one of my lovliest friends moved out west for work a few months ago. this is the girl that i backpacked around europe and danced across india with! she is fabulous!

i have been collecting some goodies to send to her in a care package and finally got around to posting it last week. here is what i posted :)

-some bouncy balls (it is common knowledge that you are NEVER too old for bouncy balls!! and this advetisment for sony has got to be one of the BEST EVER!)
-some handmade soap wrapped up in red and white paper
-red pencils
-a paullina simons book that i found at the op shop (she is fabulous! if you haven't read the bronze horseman you are missing out)
-a moustache tote that i crafted
-and a crocheted heart badge

share joy :)


  1. Hi there!! You won the Giveaway over at my blog!!
    Congratulations!! Please email me your details and it will be on it's way :)
    ps. great care package btw

  2. I love the fabric bag with the mustache *ah ah* hmm, is the mustache in the bag right?

    The little heart is fabulous, I need to try it. I am not very good in crochet or knitting but I try some things by myself and learn with You Tube.

    I love your blog.

    Much love from Portugal,

  3. allana - thanks for popping over to let me know! YAY!! this is fabulous :) x

    Joana - thank you for your sweet words. the moustache has been sewn onto the tote bag. i admit that i have been sucked in to this moustache trend that seems to be everywhere!

    i am not very good at sewing and crafting yet but i am determined to learn! other blogs and youtube are great places to start!

    thanks again ladies xx