Sunday, September 19, 2010

DIY gift tags

a big hello and welcome to all my new readers!! just a reminder that the giveaway will be ending at midnight tonight!!! a winner will be drawn and posted tomorrow so stay tuned!!


last weekend i was lining some drawers with this awesome paper i found at the op shop (3m for $1 - woohoo). i had some scraps left over and it was way too pretty to throw away so i turned it into some pretty gift tags.

it was super easy - all you need to do is cut to the size you want, round the corners with a punch or scissors, glue the card and paper together, punch a hole in the top and thread some twine through. and you are ready to go!

p.s - i had my first ever migrane on the weekend - i did not care for it! any tips for how to cope if it happens again??


  1. Cute tags!! Sorry about the migraine - that pretty much sucks :( no tips sorry, a darkened room is what I hear though?
    Thankyou so, so much for my parcel today - it was such a delight to find and open! Ella loves her giraffe and he is doing lots of bowing after "performing" - he he. The vintage goodies are awesome and I'm hoping the tea will help with the insomnia!! You rock!! :)

  2. I love them, what a cleaver idea! Can't wait to see who the winner is for your give-away... i hope its me!!

  3. Hello poppet,

    Great idea, the tags look wonderful.

    Bummer about the migraine, I'm no expert but have heard the same as Allana. Hopefully you don't get another.


  4. The gift tags are lovely. Hmm... migraines, I find that Aspirin works almost better than anything with me, dark room and sleep.

  5. Wonderful tags!!! Sorry about the migraine :(

  6. im usually too lazy to decorate a gift with a gift tag but you make making a gift tag sounds fun and best of all, free! i'm tempted to try out this idea for christmas this year!:)