Monday, September 13, 2010

random act of lovely

i saw this picture on the meet me at mikes blog (i think) a few weeks ago...

and was inspired to start my own collection of little golden books (i figure im already collecting baby clothes and wooden toys so why not just go all the way)!!

it has been slowly growing...

...and then yesterday i got the loveliest little parcel in my mailbox from Allana!

it was a gorgeous birthday surprise!!! there were two little golden books inside (that i didnt have in my collection). she must be a mind reader!!!

thank you so much Allana for making this girls day! your thoughtfulness is truly inspiring!!

pop over and visit if you arent already a follower... her blog is just as lovely as her!


  1. oh i love little golden books.
    i might do this as well. what a great idea.

  2. I have also been collecting these little babies as well as vintage ladybird books. They are just the sweetest. I'll make a post soon, but I certainly don't have as many as Pip. Such a sweet gift from Allana.


  3. he he, you may have mentioned it on my blog! I'm so pleased you didn't have the ones I sent already :)

  4. Goldern books bring back so many memories of bed-time stories. That book shelf is amazing too!

  5. Allana truly is lovely, she got me the best present for my birthday!

  6. Allana is the sweetest!! I had a baby things collection long before I had a baby... It really paid off! I haven't had to buy any new clothes, and she has so many awesome books! Keep it up I say...