Wednesday, September 1, 2010

happy mail and op shopping

thanks so much for all your lovely comments after my mini breakdown! haha! i still have not accomplished much, but im feeling better about everything. just one step at a time...

here are some of the lovely things that have been making me smile over the last week :)

some pretty mail from the lovely Jess... i cant wait to try some of that tea!! I'll be popping something in the postbox for you before the end of the week Jess :)!

some french mailing labels and gorgeous gift cards from stephanie as a thank you for a couple of aussie mags i posted over to her last month.

some LOVELY vintage fat quarters to add to my collection that i won in a fabulous giveaway over here :) i really cant wait to get crafting!

and a few op shop treasures that i picked up a few weeks ago but havent had a chance to post about them yet!

have a happy thursday xxx kel


  1. So glad it arrived safely and you like the things I picked out! Glad you are feeling better as well :)

  2. It really brightens up your day when you get mail, and especially such lovely mail.

  3. Doesn't mail make everything feel so much better :) I love your finds too.

  4. I had a clown puzzle just like that - only it was a bear. I wonder if my parents have kept it? Will have to have a look next time I'm over there.

  5. Oh - such gorgeous mail!! It sure is uplifting to open the mailbox and find sweet parcels from people who care. I love your oppie finds too :)

  6. Mockingjay was definitely different to the other two books. But I still really enjoyed it. Maybe because it has ended and at least now I know what has happened. The characters changed but I think it might have been important, plus they were at war...I'm not sure I've had time to think about it and in the end I didn't really mind how it ended or what happened.

  7. I picked up the bear version of your wooden clowns for my little girl...she adores it....but i think i like your clowns better.