Thursday, January 20, 2011

for a lovely baby...

... i made some baby bean bags after seeing them over here

...wrapped them up in green for go

... and gave them to this brand new little boy.

he is so lovely.

p.s - may i just take this time to say that it freaks me out a little that so many of my high school friends have kids. eek!


  1. Ok, that is a really cool idea!!

  2. These are sweet. I might have to make some for my future baby friends :)

  3. hey kel. love the bean bags, oh so cute. of course you can buy the flower tin, i've only got the smaller tin left and it will be $10. (going straight to the puppies!) look forward to seeing you at rummage! x

  4. thats ME holding Mace!!
    kel how have i not known that uve had this blog since 2009??? And i am one of your most faithful followers/admirers (in 'real life'). You are a multitasking wonder! what a creative lady.
    love u
    p.s. have kids plz! :)