Tuesday, January 18, 2011

just a minute in... january

watching... the flood devastation and clean up. luckily my home and family is safe and sound but i know people who weren't so lucky.

eating... vegies. japan wasnt big on vegies in their cooking so i have been really excited to get home and stuck into some roast pumpkin. yum.

listening to... brooke fraser. in preparation for her concert next week. eek.

reading... twelfth night. i'm teaching it to year 12s in a week!!

excited about... am i allowed to say the next holidays when i have only been back at work for three days?? i happen to love my job but starting new schools every six months is a little scary


  1. I am already planning my next holidays and i haven't even gone back to school yet, and i still love my job so you are totally allowed to say that. Enjoy Brooke Fraser, i am totally jealous!