Friday, January 28, 2011


...a few goodies that i have picked up at the op shop over the last couple of weeks. since i have started back at work i am not getting much (slash ANY) time to thrift which is making me feel a bit out of sorts and unbalanced (because a balanced life should involved op shopping.. :) ).

some of these treasures will be setting up home in my house while others will be heading to the suitcase rummage markets next weekend to find a new home.

p.s - does anyone else have trouble with landscape pictures being automatically turned into portrait by blogger??


  1. Lovely finds!

    I know the unbalanced life feeling well, the thrifting is very limited in our town!

  2. ooohhhh i love the rose picture and the first little bowl so very pretty, enjoy your weekend, dee x

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving a comment! I can totally relate to to the 'unbalanced feeling' too - nothing like a good op-shop find. I just love that first floral dish, very pretty!

  4. hmm, lovely flowers...
    oh yeah! Oppie hunting is definitely integral to a balanced life! Hope you get some thrifting in soon x

  5. i have the same westminster floral's adorable with cakes on top, always a fav at teaparties. that cushion is divine! i must behave at rummage but if that's there, i may have to take a closer look. lovely finds, as always!

  6. Oh love the floral coasters and rosey frame...suits me!! Luv Nais Mum Juls