Tuesday, March 8, 2011

slowing down...

i have been working like a crazy lady lately and it doesn't look like slowing down anytime soon. one of the things i am missing is taking the time to enjoy breakfast. most days, it is eaten on the run, if at all. i am living vicariously through this gorgeous blog all about breakfast...

...makes me want to slow down.

**all images are from the simply lovely simply breakfast blog


  1. Sometimes we all need to stop rushing and make time for brekky. Thanks foe the reminder
    I love making brunch on Sundays. Do you?

  2. Kellie, love that blog. It is going in the bookmarks. She must have no kids to be able to muster up those fabbo breakfasts.

  3. Oh wow serious breakfast envy.

  4. I was introduced to this blog recently too and I love it - makes me want to savour breakfast (and mix it up a bit too)

  5. I've been a fan of Simply Breakfast for a long time now and still feel a sense of calm and inspiration wash over me when I see her images. Also see Simply Photo in my blogroll - that's her other blog. On there you will see a link to her new photography project, The Makers. Phew! That's just clogging up your blog reading time even more, sorry! I do hope you get a chance to slow down soon, eat breakfast and feel the autumn change in the air. It's so lovely. Hope you're having a good week. (For anyone else who wants to see Simply Photo, see my blogroll on www.lucentimagery.com This is not a blog plug, sorry if it looks that way)