Sunday, March 6, 2011

some sheet swap questions...

i have had a few questions about the Vintage Sheet FQ swap that i thought i should probably answer and clear up any confusion...

to add this swap as a button. all you need to do is save the image in this post and then click on the 'design' tab on your dashboard. you should come to a page that shows your blog layout. then you need to click on the tab that says 'add a gadget'. for me it is on the right hand side.. you should then get a new window pop up with a whole list of options that you can add to your blog. you want to click on the 'picture' option. You will then be asked to upload your image and there is an option there that you can include a link. just pop in the link to this post and you should be done! good luck :) let me know if you are still having trouble!

cotton vs. cotton blend sheets. both are okay. In my original post i said that only 100% cotton sheets would be accepted. after chatting to some people about this and doing some of my own research i have decided that both are fine. sheets that are clearly NOT cotton blend will not be accepted but if you can't tell the difference then they should be fine! (please dont send any flannelette sheet squares - even though they are cotton)

if you have signed up you should be receiving an email sometime this week with more details!

have a fabulous day :) Kel x


  1. you have my email? lauramitchell(at)mail2artist(dot)com

  2. i haven't heard from you and i signed up.
    can't find an email for you.
    plz contact me janine.m.bennettatgmaildotcom