Tuesday, March 22, 2011

an update...

...there are over 30 people signed up to this swap! I can't wait to see all the vintage sheet goodness coming through my mailbox :) I promise to keep you all updated as the fat quarters start coming in!

By now, you should have received an email from me if you have signed up to the swap. If you have signed up recently and are yet to get an email... don't stress - it's coming!

There is still plenty of time to sign up and get your vintage sheets washed, cut and in the post. If you are keen to sign up then just pop over to this post and leave your email address.

If you have signed up but haven't received an email from me then just leave a comment on this post as a bit of a reminder for me :)

Thanks so much for getting involved in this! Don't forget to spread the word :)

Kel x


  1. hey chic. did you get me? no email in my inbox. you can email at naisydays@gmail.com

    thanx my love!

  2. hi there, I still do not have an email. bountifully1@gmail.com

  3. i'm sad i missed this one!! hope you can do another one in the future! it seems like this was popular :)