Tuesday, November 15, 2011


i am still unpacking boxes... 18 months after we moved.
on the weekend i unpacked this box and it made my heart happy.
all of my favourite vintage books :)
now i just need to find a bookshelf to display them...


  1. eeek! gorgeous especially Anne of Green Gables...amazing books ;)

  2. Love The Favourite Five Kel. The all look beautiful in your pics...

  3. I collect vintage books too and The Old Man and the Sea was a favourite of mine when i was a child... such good memories..

  4. Be still my heart!!
    I adore books, vintage are even better. You have an awesome collection here :)

    I am currently reading Anne of Green Gables.


  5. We have a whole downstairs are full of boxes that will hopefully get sorted if we ever buy our forever house. Your collection is gorgeous, I love old books they have so much tangible history and I often wonder how anyone can give them up. xxx

  6. I have been doing the exact same thing, well except that mine are boxes of random stuff and fisher price toys. I have just started sharing my favourite childhood books with my kids, nothing like digging out the 1978 Richard Scarry book with someone who loves it as much as you did. Now i'm just waiting until he is old enough to dig the Magic Faraway tree series. And your pile- midsummer nights dream and Anne of GG are my faves.melx