Monday, November 14, 2011

mornings in the garden

our vegie garden is undergoing a bit of a makeover as we move from four smallish garden beds to six big ones! It has been so nice growing our own fruit, vegies and herbs this last year but we have still been getting the majority of our fresh produce from the farmers markets or woolies (eek). Over the next season we are hoping to get the majority of our fruit and vegies from our garden and supplement what we can't grow from the markets. we still have a LONG way to go but my hope eventually is that we will have enough for our plates, enough to can/store/freeze/preserve and some to share with neighbours and family!

lately, because of the crazy daytime heat, we have been gardening in the morning. when the weather is nice, the morning sun helps to wake me up and the puppy sits outside the fence and waits for us. this morning the tomatoes were mulched, our compost bin was growing things, the morning coffee was enjoyed in the garden, a few prayers were said for the raspberries and the last of the old tomatoes and spinach were picked for ripening and eating.

5.30 in the morning has never looked so good...


  1. Doesn't the day feel a lot more productive when started so early?
    I have a serious case of garden envy going on..I can only dream of having such a big plot. Our garden currently extends to two large terracota pots, my lack of knowledge in the green thumb department is what is holding me back.

  2. I was up at five thirty this morning too! But only because my small person pulled open my eyelids by my lashes and yelled at me 'WAKE UP'!!! Ha ha. Your garden looks so beautiful...

  3. Did you say 5.30! Eek ;P
    Love your garden, and how exciting to be expanding! Cant beat veg and fruit from your own patch xx

  4. I love early mornings. Everything is so fresh and still! In sunny Brisbane weather you need to get up at 5.30 to do anything outdoors. I take our little pup for a walk every morning. I left at 6.30 this morning and felt like I was frying. Enjoy your delicious homegrown fruit/vegies. x

  5. That is a VERY cute doggie!!!!!!!!!