Thursday, December 15, 2011


1. floral tapestry
2. wayyyy too many hankies! but they were all so pretty :) if you know if any awesome crafty projects that use up hundreds of hankies throw them my way!
3. $1 leather mocs
4. the startings of a johnson plate collection
5. honey?
6. sheets - just a sneak peek! more coming soon :)
7. vintage towels. for camping or crafting... i haven't decided yet!
8. mismatched johnson
9. wooden soldiers
10. cookie jar
11. english mustard floral china - i've never been a teacup girl but i think i could start a collection if they were all this pretty!

country op shops really are the best. johnson crockery for 5c? yes please! i think i have another linen post in me from all the treasure i uncovered over the last few days so check back early next week to see some of the sheets that you will be getting in the 2012 sheet swap!

p.s - giveaway post THIS AFTERNOON!!! get back here!


  1. I've never been to a country op shop, I bet they are just a little more lovelier than the ones I've been to.

    I have an idea for your hankies...perhaps this paper lantern by Lola Nova

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. i wanted to squeal out loud but i'm at work. holy moly woman you scored good! i am sooooo excited for the sheet swap in january if it means i can snap up some of those florals. just lovely. you've covered all bases with this treasure. yum! xx

  3. Madeleine at made by mosey does some pretty inspiring hanky work. Check out her blankets!

    Great finds x

  4. ps. start a teacup won't regret it.

  5. Yay I would definitely recommend starting a Johnson collection, it is pretty addictive once you start anyway :). That is the prettiest tapestry and wow, all those thrifted sheets, love them. Oh and a giveaway, you've got my attention now. x

  6. oooh country op shop ... where?!

  7. old towels and skittles my faves x

  8. Excellent, excellent finds. Do you know Made by Mosey? She makes the most amazing hankey blankeys. They'd make some super sweet bunting too. Kellie xx

  9. Holy scored the mother load right there :)
    I adore my teacup collection so that gets the big tick from me.


  10. Wow, great finds Kel and bargain prices! I love everything you found but I think the colours in that tapestry are my fave today :)

  11. gosh some beautiful pieces, love the lot but my fave has to be the tapestry.

  12. Great finds as always Kel, loooove the tapestry & the cookie jar.

  13. I have the cutest quilted hot pads/pot holders, I use on my dining table. That where made from vintage hankies...

  14. I've always had this fantasy of one day going on a road trip going from town to town, op shop to op shop, throughout the country, & coming home with this amazing car load of stuff that all cost 20c each.....

  15. I have made a bunting-esque string from my thrifted hankies. Tie them together (corners) and string them up loosely. It looks lovely.