Wednesday, December 21, 2011

christmas spirit...

in my mind i have a perfectly adorned christmas tree and lots of handmade decorations up around our house from december 1st and we play carols and decorate gingerbread and complete other various activities that our homemade advent calendar has outlined for us. 

the reality is that i haven't felt very 'christmassy' this year. the reality is that i made up 21 (i ran out of calico at 21! haha!) little drawstring bags for an advent calendar, hung it up on the 16th of december and since then we have only filled three days worth of activities and gifts (it was my turn yesterday and i had no idea what to give chris so i took a photo of our puppy OFF THE FRIDGE and put it in the bag. hahah. good news is i don't think chris realised that we had been looking at that photo for the past month). the reality is that in almost 4 years of marraige we have never had a christmas tree and we don't really give each other christmas presents.

BUT... two days ago the christmas spirit hit me with a visit to bunnings of all places. i went along thinking that i might be able to pick up a little potted pine that we could use year after year (its the hippy in me) and i found a tiny little tree that looks a little flimsy but i'll be damned if i am going to pay $60 for an ugly brown  pointy tree with a few baubles on it. our tree is a bit too delicate for any decorations at this stage but a string of ikea fairy lights later and that problem was solved. i am hoping that as the years go by it grows with us and maybe one day christmas baubles will find their place on our little tree that saved Kellie's christmas spirit.

at about 8.30 that night i thought that, being christmas and all, the situation really called for some vintage fabric garland. and stockings. so i made some. 

the reality is that we are going on holidays tomorrow and our tiny corner of christmas will have only been enjoyed for 3.5 days. but that's okay. because it had brought a little bit of christmas spirit back into my home and my heart. and because now i have a headstart on next year. 

how's your christmas spirit? could you use a trip to bunnings?



  1. i LOVE this post. it made me laugh out loud (you probably heard it...). christmas is the best.

  2. i love your tree! stockings are just perfect too. i've wanted to be in the christmas spirit far more than i have been but as mum and dad are overseas, it's been hard to drum up the effort. i'm cooking a turkey breast for one (my sister is a vegetarian) and a trifle for one aswell! lots of christmas movies will be watched and plenty of gravy and yorkshire puddings will be devoured. enjoy your break (i only have the weekend off) and make sure you snap some photos to inspire us into 2012. much merry love. xx

  3. Christmas tree and dec perfection in my eyes Kel. Your little tree reminds me a bit of Charlie Brown''s a hopeful little tree.
    Merry christmas to you too Kel, have a lovely holiday xxx

  4. Merry christmas to you! Your decorations are lovely. Kellie xx

  5. Love your bunting, stockings and the tree that saved your spirit! How gorgeous! We have been a bit un christmassy this year also but have big plans next year. I wish you the most wonderful and safe Christmas and new year and thankyou for your friendship during 2011 xxx

  6. i'm not that big on christmas but it's funny, every year i still get a little moment like you where the spirit kicks in. i can't say it was a trip to bunnings though!