Sunday, March 4, 2012


seriously. he was amazing.

we headed off to matt corby this weekend and i have to admit it was the most excited i have been about a live gig in AGES (i may or may not have made the comment that i wanted to be close enough to the stage to smell him)! and he was fabulous. usually by the time 11pm rolls by at a concert i have had enough standing and being shoved around and am absolutely ready to go home. but last night i could have stayed and listened til at least 11.30 - hahaha (im pretty much a nanna trapped in the body of a 26 year old).

he was brilliant. seriously.

do yourself a favour and watch the clip of matty singing his latest single 'brother'. you won't regret it. seriously.

*video is obviously not from last night but sounds just as wonderful.


  1. *sigh* ... dreamy. What a beautiful voice.

  2. I am SO very envious
    He is one talented guy and very very easy to look at!!

  3. Beautiful stuff! Thank you for sharing :)