Tuesday, March 6, 2012

some thoughts on food.

i have always loved food. i love being educated about what i eat and where it has come from. it is not umcommon for my husband to say things like 'can you make it with less seeds next time' or 'stop trying to hide lentils in my food'.

but this year we are making changes.
i cannot stop reading about the important role of food.
about how food can be helpful and healing.
about natural, clean and organic alternatives.
about learning to love seeds.
about how people around the world eat.
about juices and smoothies.
about the impact that food has on students in our schools.

don't worry. this isn't turning into a food blog - there are already so many wonderful food blogs out there. but if it's okay with you i would love to share some more recipes as i uncover them. and i would love to share some of this journey with you all.

here are some fabulous resources that have been a really great source of information and inspiration for me - 101 cookbooks, the wellness warrior, my new roots and food matters

happy eating :)


  1. I am kind of on a similar journey with food this year and reading up on all I can. At the moment I am on a somewhat strict vegetarian diet due to health problems and it's certainly taught me a thing or two.
    I too love 'My New Roots' have you checked out Stonesoup? It's another great foodie blog.

  2. OMG, just had a quick squizz at the other blogs you linked too, have booked marked them to go back to later...they look amazing!!

  3. Yes, me too! I'm getting more and more into natural health all the time, including traditional eating (not that I wasn't before, because I was raised by naturopaths, but I'm probably on the precipice now of becoming a fanatic.) Do you read this blog? Lots of interesting traditional eating and natural health facts there.
    I'm really looking forward to your recipe series.
    Kellie xx

  4. Sounds lovely. We are trying to buy more local food at the markets and less pre-packaged stuff, much better in the long term. I love your pretty floral dress :)

  5. i think it is so important to pay attention to our food.s stu and i try to eat organic and free range as much as we can. I'm very much inspired by the slow food movement as well.

  6. I agree its important what we eat. I really enjoying cooking and seeing new recipes. Look forward to seeing yours. dee x

  7. Looking forward to seeing your recipes. Now we have Josephine I'm more interested in ever about this sort of thing. Ben's always been "into it" but now I can see his point more!
    And I love the pretty skirt and basket combo lady xx

  8. Amen! I have been discovering the same journey. Jimmy said the other day, "lentil soup, lentil salad, lentil patties - stop making stuff out of lentils!!" Haha!

  9. We're making similar changes too this year. I just checked out Heidi's cookbook from the library and am loving it :)