Wednesday, April 4, 2012


a few treasures picked up this week. that little peach dress is so gorgeous and fits perfectly - i may of may not have let out a squeal when i uncovered it on the rack :)

in other news - i'm off to melbourne today to visit old friends and new nephews. any suggestions of places to visit while i'm there??


  1. ah that dress is totes spesh - apricot - yummo

  2. I would have squealed at finding that dress too :)
    Have not been to Melbourne but I am sure you will have a ball, I hear there are some amazing op shops there so you will likely be busy, busy.

  3. i am so jealous of that dress. Would love to see you with it on!

  4. Great finds, that dress is fabulous!

    I blogged on Melb spots to visit:

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH I had a major mind squeal when I saw the peach dress - and it's not even mine! Though how I wish it was! Note to self: find an awesome peach vintage dress.
    That Venizia book looks delightful. So lucky! Where are you again? I'm in Sydney and would love to know where to find these jems.
    Melbourne. Jealous. I'm dying to go there (as in outside of the airport this time!) My co-blogger E has a post on a great vintage place there (she too has relos there).

    Check it out for ideas!



  6. I love the dress, Kellie. :-)

    Haha, oh - by the way, Nana was over this morning, and I showed her your Instagram photos, and she saw the picture of the plate.

    This is what she said;

    Nana: "Why does she have a picture of a plate?".

    Me: "I don't know, it looks cool. Why? Is there something wrong with it?".

    Nana: "Oh, no, nothing's wrong. I just find it weird".

    Both: *Laughs*.

    Hahaha, she's so funny.

  7. The indoor vintage market in Brunswick, It's on Lygon street. Savers superstore on Sydney rd in Brunswick. Have a lovely time, weather here is divine.

  8. look at those treasures! dress is the ultimate in perfection and a touch of xx

  9. love the dress, worth a squeal or two!

  10. The peach dress is just lovely.. What a great find hon

  11. Gorgeous dress- what a find! Perhaps we could see a pic of it on next. melx

  12. what fabulous finds!
    that plate and book would do me nicely.

  13. Must get out to the thrifts (actually I went in Monday but it seems ages ago)

  14. ooh, i love that peach dress! (your blog is lovely)