Tuesday, February 22, 2011

feet around the world. part one.

I have a foot fetish. I LOVE feet (as you can see here and here)!

For the last few years I have been (slowly) working on a lifeling project to take photos of my feet around the world. I am slowly ticking off places as I travel and one day I would love to turn my feet into a little coffee table book. I wish I had started taking feet photos on my first overseas trip but what began as a few random photos has developed into hundreds of photos and my husband's constant complaints - 'not another photo of your feet'.

Without further ado... my feet around the world.

*the Colesseum - Rome
 *Phuket - Thailand
 *the Great Wall - China
 *Troy - Turkey
*Auschwitz - Poland


  1. How wonderful! I began doing the same thing, without any conscious thought, when I was in Pompeii, and have quite a collection now. (Not quite as much of the world as you, jetsetter!) This is a collection to be proud of. Where to next?

  2. Andres and my kids are the same...not another photo of your feet. Lovely idea, I had something similar in mind too :)

  3. Oh my goodness, two of my friends (a couple) do the same thing!

  4. A coffee table book would be great!! Or should it be a foot stool book??? Sorry, I can make some bad jokes sometimes...
    I was talking to a girl the other week and she was telling me that she and her friend started a tradition of taking photos of both their feet together in every place they've travelled to together. I think it's great to travel and have some sort of purpose in the photos you take.

  5. these pictures are really cool. i'm jealous of all of the places that you've been!

    allister bee blog

  6. That's a fantastic idea - certainly more interesting than the usual 'touristy' photos! My 5yo daughter loves taking photos of her feet too - i often find photos on my camera that she's snapped of her footsies without me knowing :)

  7. got a few pics of my feet at places too. Booked in2 Suitcase Rummage if they will have me! Love your blog!