Thursday, February 17, 2011

four happy things on friday...

One of my resolutions for this year was to be more intentional - with my relationships, with my time and with my focus. In an effort to continue this, I will post four photos from my week of things or moments that have made me happy. I feel like I sometimes miss out on joy just because I'm not looking. Here's to changing that!
Feel free to join in! Just leave a comment and I will pop over to see your happy things this friday...

 brown paper packages tied up with string...

that reveal lovely little golden books to add to my collection
my pretty city...
...and the beginning of a crochet pot holder collection


  1. I just did a random post an hour or so ago outlining things that have been making me smile without even realising that you would be doing one this afternoon too! Love the brown paper wrapping and the gorgeous pink sunset. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. lovely, especially the little golden books

  3. 4 lovely things to be happy about, love the pot holder, have a lovely weekend, dee x

  4. where did you find those golden books? how lovely. would like to get them for my nephew!

  5. what great new years resolutions!
    one of mine is to learn how to sew. and painting/drawing once a month.
    i know u are a very busy lady but what do u say to a once a month sunday breakfast that involves some kind of sewing project?