Wednesday, February 9, 2011

what i have learnt about vegie gardening...

I picked the last of the vegies from my garden over the weekend. I still have a whole bed of herbs going strong but had to pull out a lot of the vegie plants because of all the rain we had in Brisbane over summer. We got lots of cucumber, beans, corn and carrots but didn't have a lot of success with the zucchini, tomatoes or eggplant.

Here is a list of things I learnt through my first vegie gardening experiences...

- never underestimate the power of mulch - this stuff is amazing!
- pumpkin will take over your entire one acre block if it gets half a chance!
- homegrown sweetcorn is 1000 times better than supermarket corn!
- tomatoes are best grown on a sturdy teepee... not a flimsy little stake!
- cucumbers will grow through anything!
- I cannot grow ANYTHING in pots!
- keep a gardening journal...
- there is such a thing as TOO MUCH WATER!

At the moment the vegie beds are having a little rest and we are getting ready to plant again in a few weeks time :)

I'll keep you posted... xx

p.s - hi to all my new followers :) thanks for stopping by!


  1. keeping a journal is a great idea. I have learnt so much, such as zucchini wont grow without bees! (we dont get bees in the desert)
    Veggie gardens are the best!

  2. It's all trial & error isn't it? Some years we get lots of some vegies & the next nil! This has been the year of the zuchinnis, tomatoes & carrots for us.
    P.S...try the carrots roasted whole with their skin on...yummo!

  3. Your carrots look delicious - my one "success" with carrots was one (1) barely the size of my pinky finger. Such a disappointment after planting a whole seed packet and initially seeing some lovely green heads. I had a lot of luck with herbs last summer, but my tomatoes didn't do too well. Hoping for more luck this year.

  4. I think it's great that you've had the successes you have. I have a genetic predisposition to killing plants. I mean well and I love them, but it often ends badly. Mint seems to survive well with me!

  5. Hey love. I've learnt not to crowd my pots - I'm finally having success with capsicum in pots. Had 1 grow off my first plant and since thinning them out have 8 flowers on the very same plant! I have an epidemic of caterpillers at the moment. Any suggestions?

  6. We are also experiencing pumpkins taking aver an acre block!

    ... with triple the average January rainfall here the entire patch is going nuts!