Thursday, February 24, 2011

four happy things on friday

One of my resolutions for this year was to be more intentional - with my relationships, with my time and with my focus. In an effort to continue this, I will post four photos from my week of things or moments that have made me happy. I feel like I sometimes miss out on joy just because I'm not looking. Here's to changing that!
city picnics with lovely babies (this photo is a few weeks old but it makes me happy nonetheless) basil is FINALLY growing! vintage pillowcases

...planning the next trip :)
Feel free to join in! Just leave a comment and I will pop over to see your happy things this friday...
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  1. What a lovely week.

    Nepal was one of my favourite places.

  2. awww i just love a picnic ;-)) And the smell of fresh basil to. Love your pillow cases, have a happy friday, dee x

  3. Wish my basil looks as good as yours! I got organized this week & joined in your 'four happy things on friday'....

  4. Ahhh, nothing more satisfying than picking your own basil to cook with! And trip planning! Hooray! :)

  5. All four are so gorgeous and happy indeed.
    Its a great way to keep track and remember.
    I wish you so many happy moments this coming week.

  6. Those babies are precious! Love those pillowcases too. And Nepal. That should be a fantastic trip!

  7. omg is your basil groing olright! i wish mine looked jungleous like yours!