Wednesday, April 20, 2011

some lovely bloggers (part one)

Tomorrow is the last day that you can get your FQ's in the mail... and since tomorrow is a public holiday your last day is TODAY! If you haven't been able to get your lovely vintage sheets in the post yet then please make sure you shoot me an email to let me know. I am hoping to have them all sorted by next weekend and back in your craft rooms within two weeks... wish me luck :)!!

I thought it might be lovely for you to e-meet some of the other swappers involved in this.
so please... make yourself a coffee and head over to check out the lovely lives and loves of some very lovely women.

Laura @ kit and nancy - fabulously creative and op shopping extraordinaire

Ingrid @ lottielulu

Allana @ High Maintenance Hippy - check out her new etsy shop!

Catherine @ pencils and pins

Robyn @ SpectacularFairyWren

Rachel @ The Two Windmills

Bec @ Naughty Shorts - Bec makes the most gorgeous dresses out of vintage sheets so pop over for some inspiration!

Andi @ patchandi

Kylie @ lucy violet vintage

It will be great to see all the creations being produced in the next few months as a result of this swap. so pop over to visit, become a follower and share the love <3

I will do another post like this of some more swap participants in the next week so feel free to leave your blog address on this post so i don't forget you :)

Have a happy easter break!

kel xx

p.s - sorry to my readers who aren't involved with the FQ swap... i promise to be back to regular posting soon :)


  1. thanks for the shout out Kel...I hope you have a lovely Easter too, try not to spend too much time sorting out fat q's x

  2. Thanks for the link Kel! I posted my parcel to you yesterday, sorry it is at the last minute :(
    Have an awesome weekend, I'm off to check out the ladies links now xx

  3. thank you again for organising this swap, (and for introducing us swappers to each other too!)
    hope you have a lovely easter too! xx

  4. i haven't been organized enough to participate thanks kel, but hey i bought meet me at mikes today for $4 at our local, thought that might make you smile!!!! sorry i forgot to look at sew la tea do the other night with you, hope you sew some awesome things to post about xx