Monday, April 25, 2011

some pretty in my mailbox...

about a month ago (i know... im a bit behind) i received the loveliest little parcel in my mailbox! Micaela over at Dolce Vita hosted a giveaway and i was the lucky winner!!! I nearly didn't enter because i thought that there was no way i would be that lucky... :) it came right in the middle of marking season and made my whole week! As well as the goodies pictured above, there was also a fabulous mix c.d that has been on repeat in my car and a mug which has been in use since it arrived! Thank you SO much Micaela!

Micaela might just be the sweetest lady in all of blog land - you should definately pop over and visit her charming blog!

p.s - i hope you have all had a lovely easter/ANZAC day long weekend!


  1. what a lovely give away bundle. congratulations.

  2. I LOVE getting happy packages :) I'm getting ready to read that book too ... here in about eleven-ish days when finals are over!

  3. this made me blush! :) i have my husband to thank for picking you and introducing you into my dolce vita. As fate would have it, you were there for me too! i got your sweet thank-you and can i just say just to show how AMAZING YOU ARE-- i have never received a thank-you for a giveaway and yours surely trumped mine ;)

    you are adorable and most kind. Thank-you for this and for your friendship most of all. xo

  4. lucky she used "you're" correctly!!

  5. The Time traveller's wife is seriously the best book! I have read it twice.. and will soon read it again.
    Just stumbled across your blog -Love the name!