Thursday, April 28, 2011

what i achieved...

i was listening to the radio on my way to work on wednesday morning and they were saying that because of the super long weekend everyone should have 'achieved' something. in a weekend spent predominatly at home, this got me thinking about what i acheived...

*baked a killer batch of gingerbread hearts. packaged them up and dropped some to my sister and some to this lovely lady
*remembered the ANZACS at a dawn service
*started preparing for the Vintage Sheet FQ Swap
*spent some quality time with the hubby
*found my crafting mojo again (it may have had something to do with all that gorgeous fabric around my house)
*planted vegies
*walked the dog
*got caught in the rain (that counts as an achievement right?)
*found some time to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life... just what i needed.

based on my lazy weekend... i consider myself an over achiever. it was bliss.


  1. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful long weekend, including the bit about getting caught in the rain

  2. you achieved a LOT for a lazy weekend, ours involved a lot of rain :( and it still hasn't stopped here

  3. what a lovely long weekend! sounds like you achieved plenty, had fun and indulged a little too. hope the sheets you received today are ok, used crappy scissors so tried to cut them as best i could! thank you again for organizing it all! have a great friday. xx

  4. Sounds fabulous! Over achieving for sure ;)