Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a swap update

Hi to all my lovely readers and sheet swappers...

This is just a quick little blog post to give you an update on the sheet swap progress. As the numbers for people signed up to participate in the sheet swap has exceeded 50 i have decided to close it to anymore sign ups. apologies to any of you who were still hoping to sign up in the next few weeks. My reasons for doing this is largely so i can concentrate on doing a good job of organising and distributing the 1000+ FQ's that people will be sending in over the next few weeks rather than this getting so big that i will be unable to manage the swap effectively. You will still have until april 22 to post your fat quarters...

If you have not received an email from me and you have signed up then please leave a comment on this post with your EMAIL ADDRESS!

I am starting to receive some lovely fat quarters in the mail which is SO exciting! i will post a few pics tomorrow so you can start getting excited too...

Thanks for understanding this :)
You are all fabulous! Kellie xx


  1. cutting my up as i type!! can't wait!

  2. 50 swappers: wow!! I need to get fat quartering asap! and wash my vintage sheets too, using a twin tub, so very appropiate for the 70s sheets!
    Cant wait to see your photos: gee I just get so excited looking at pics of vintage sheets!!

  3. hi Kellie,
    I signed up yesterday, was that too late? I hope i didn't miss out but if i did i understand, 50 swappers is fantastic! (if not overwhelming probably!)
    Anyway, my email address is mleigh.kennedy@gmail.com

    Hope to hear from you!

    morgan x

  4. Thanks for the post...I did not recieve an email...my email is thouraya13@hotmail.com - I have also just sent an email...hope it gets through! Thanks Thouraya

  5. so sad for me as i finally got my act together and found a few sheets to swap. Hope you do it again!