Wednesday, August 24, 2011

some thoughts on taking my life back...

if you know me in real life or read this blog regularly you will know that the word i would use to describe my life is 'busy'. not 'lovely', 'fulfilling' or 'fun' but 'busy'. don't get me wrong, my life is lovely, fulfilling AND fun but more than all of those things it is busy. now i understand that some people thrive on being busy and i guess i am one of those people too, but only to a certain point. i cannot sustain busy for long periods of time without feeling like i am failing... at my relationships, and providing for my family (chris and i count as a family right?) and at living the life that i want to live. i tell myself that i will get it together... one day. it is getting to the point where there is always an excuse and 'one day' is looking further and further away.

so... im taking some steps to slow down and simplify and turn this 'busy' life into a 'lovely' one.

i want to find joy in little things.
i want to make, bake and create.
i want to be present rather than be everywhere.
i want to share rather than spend.
i want to walk on the beach and in the mountains and around our block.
i want to be home in the daylight.

sounds lovely right? but i have said this before. i need to do more. be more practical. take action rather than sending out happy thoughts. with this in mind... i do not have a teaching job lined up for term 4. this is something that i have been thinking and praying about for a long time. i really believe it is a blessing in the disguise of a substantial pay cut. i will still be working. but it will be part-time. and it will not involve 14 hour days. and i will be present and i will be home.

please remind me of this when i blog about the new dress i want. or the shoes. or the holiday. remind me that family is more important. health is more important. 'lovely' is more important.

p.s - it is really through the wonderful blogging community that i have found the inspiration to stop and be still and uncovered the lost skills on how to live a life of 'lovely' rather than 'busy' and that 'busy' can still come in the form of baking and sewing and growing and that kind of 'busy' is one that i can't wait to be a part of!

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  1. Dear beautiful Kel. I would like to join you on your mission to simplify and enjoy. I can completely relate to what you are saying. You have summed it up perfectly. xo

  2. such lovely thoughts. I hope that term 4 will be a great time for you to unwind and recharge a little. I think we all go through stages like that, trying (in vain I might add) to balance it all but at the end it costs you your sanity. I can't wait to read all about your baking and creating! sounds awesomely amazing :D

  3. it is so hard my love, and we don't even have babies yet! things can get overwhelming but at least we realise that we need to slow down and appreciate the smaller things.i hear you. i hear you bad. like bec says...let's do this together! xx

  4. Oh yes, I know this sentiment well. I'm so over having 'busy' rule my life and not taking time to appreciate the things that are really important.

    Take care.

  5. I'm so excited for you and simplifying :) looking forward to breakfast dates xx

  6. oh i can relate to ur sentiments! simplifying and prioritising...this is what i am striving for to. looking forward to seeing u more after nepal!! ull b in my prayers as u travel (especially that airport!) and also remember that there is Someone who wants u to succeed in ur dreams even more than u do. romans 8:32. xx

  7. yes, yes and yes, i relate so much and yet i still do the busy juggle some weeks. Look forward to watching your journey back to simple Kel.

  8. i know exactly how you feel!!! all of these thoughts have been through my head lately. i want to take my life back too. simple is the way to go.
    good luck x