Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i will...

*remember what is important
*show more love to my family than i do to my job
*use 'green bags' when i go to aldi (to prevent the dropping of groceries while packing the car boot)
*spend money on 'life' rather than 'stuff'
*speak with love
*do things straight away
*remember your name
*do something every day that makes me happy
*plant more zucchini
*make what i can
*play fetch with the puppy
*hang out my washing to dry

what will you do?

*image source unknown


  1. lovely list :)

    I like going to aldi but hate how fast you have to plop things in your trolley...can they go any faster? haha

  2. I love your item about spending money on life rather than stuff. I need to do that more I think :)

  3. some of these things I do...some of these things I should do...something to think about, thanks Kel x

  4. sound like a pretty good list to me- i'd like to do the same

    xo em

    p.s also, how can we finalise the purchase of those little vintage things? Just let me know how to make payment