Sunday, January 1, 2012

summer is...

...going for a walk every morning just so that you can eat the best gelato this side of italy every afternoon
...a saltwater sandal tan
...fighting with your brother because he beat you at rummy
...evening beach swims
...morning mountain climbs
...mum cooked meals
...feeling unborn nephew kicks
...icing your knee for a day and a half because you thought it would be a good idea to run 15k
...spending 45 minutes trying to log on to dodgy mcdonalds wi-fi just so you can write a blog post (hence the lack of photos... it took me over an hour to even get three!!)

i'll be back to regular posting and commenting soon with a christmas wrap-up and some goals for 2012 but for now im learning to 'be present' - with my family. with my husband. and with this glorious state of relaxation that sometimes borders on boredom. i'm loving it!


  1. this is awesome. glad you've been able to chill after 2011!!

  2. Oh I love playing rummy.. I first learnt to play with my Great Grandma when we'd go down to Sydney to visit. x

  3. Your Summer sounds perfect! Loving The Munchkin and my Salties too - so comfy and everytime I look at my feet they make me smile :)
    Enjoy the rest of your time with your family and being present, it's something I'm working one too xxx

  4. yes I knmow that feeling - I think it takes a while to get into the swing of nothing, especially when you are used to going 100 miles an hour and constantly trying to achieve something. Sending much love from this side of the country! bec x

  5. Your christmas break sounds so blissful. Enjoy every minute of almost boredom as that is what triggers our most creative inspirations. Can I ask where you bought your saltwaters? melx

  6. how relaxing and beautiful! so glad you're taking some time out to chill. looks like perfection to me.

  7. ooohhh lovely ;-)) With your opening line im thinking summer to me is miles away ans counting ;-)) Its very windy, cold, wet and damp here. Enjoy all your doing, dee x

  8. Your summer sounds just delightful!
    It's so nice to take time out to enjoy all that summer has to offer :)

  9. Happy New Year lovely! Looking forward to reading all about your Christmas adventures but in the meantime enjoy spending time with your husband and family. x