Wednesday, February 22, 2012

in this moment.

. : waiting impatiently for the weekend. it's been one of those weeks.

. : loving that our new chickens have given us 9 eggs in 4 days (more on this tomorrow)

. : learning that i will never please everyone

. : awaiting the arrival of a new nephew

. : reading a little about chickens and a lot about food

. : thinking about studying again.

. : blessed by teenagers who love Jesus

. : appreciating when it rains just enough so that i don't have to water the vegie garden

. : eating eggplant

. : planning parties and paris trips

. : adding roasted sweet potato to everything

. : planting kale, basil and spinach

. : loving the change of season

. : dehydrating garden tomatoes

. : appreciating the morning quiet

. : loving that hubby googled and made up a 'garlic spray' for some of the pests around our house instead of using mortein

. : looking for ways to simplify (still)

. : admiring all the vintage sheet squares sitting in my sewing room

what does your life look like right now?


  1. What an awesome post! How great are chooks! I love it all. I love Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and have read it often. Living the Good Life by Linda Cockburn is another good one, and Australian to boot, in case you haven't read it.

    I like that poultry book too, I'm very impressed with your egg count. I've been buying grain for my girls, without added protein and the eggs have certainly dwindled. I just went out and bought some 17% protein feed this morning.

    Love, love, love, the pillowcases in the top photo!

    It is one of life's great ironies that it is complicated and sometimes difficult to live a simple life. And a lot of work too, but definately worth it.

    You are probably getting sick of looking at vintage sheets by now, I imagine. I hope your vegetables are all thriving with this lovely rain.


  2. Your life sounds just grand right now planning a Paris trip to oohh you lucky lady ;-) Bet those eggs are lovely must be great to have you own. My life right now seems to be full of pressure but i and my family will get there. Trying to set changes today at the moment to allow me the freedom to be at home more and give more time to care for my son. Have a great week, dee x

  3. oooo kel! what would you study?! :D

  4. Posted my sheets off today, would have sent more but ran out of time to cut out. You must get a photo of the vintage sheet squares taking over your lounge room before you sort. Kids are in bed, kettle is on, time for a little vintage sheet sewing tonight.... melx

  5. I think where simplifying is consider, it's a continual work in progress...well at least it is in our home :)
    Pretty envious of your chooks...I would love to have chooks but hubby is not that keen.