Friday, February 10, 2012

why i am a dog person...


p.s - if anyone has any favourite recipes that use a lot of eggplant i would be eternally grateful - the garden is going crazy!


  1. Do a lasagna with thinly sliced eggplant instead of noodles. Seriously. So good. Just google it.

  2. I am sat here with one dog at my feet and another on the other sofa. bliss

  3. i'm a dog person too. so much love. i am a huge fan of moussaka...yuuuuum!

  4. Hi Kellie,

    I'm not really a dog person but that picture could turn me!!

    I've been making a healthy version of eggplant parmigama - blogged here:

  5. I'm a dog person, two crazy poodles that think they own me. I use lots of eggpalnts. I love my bubbaganous? so easy with a food processor, and my family favourite Pasta Norma, Jamie Oliver does a recipe. Yummy your own passata and eggplant. Wicked!

  6. Cute doggie!!
    But sadly eggplant is one of the only vegies that I don't like.
    I do think that the lasagne sounded like a good idea though!

  7. Gorgeous photo! Your dog looks just like my Daisy – I got her from the pound when I was 18, we think she's a Kelpie x Lab.

    There's an amazing eggplant, tomato and mint risotto in the Rose Bakery cookbook. I found a link to it here (on someones blog):

    (And surprisingly eggplant is also quite yummy just steamed!)

  8. so cute i could just squeeze it!

    too many eggplants? you should be so lucky! i don't have a recipe but try making an indian curry bases on eggplant, tis usually amazing.

    ps got the parcel, thank you. perfect timing - on my birthday :) it was lovely, thanks so much :D

  9. we love ratatoullie: 1 whole eggplant, 2 red capsicum, mushrooms(optional), 2-3 zucchini... if you like the sound of it and can't find a good recipe i do have a good one i can scan and send you. Reheats to be even tastier the next days.

  10. Aw who could resist that face! I'm very much a dog person too.

  11. I place my vote alongside ratatouille (it's seriously easy, you can use any leftover mediterranean type veggies and add a can of tomatoes (one Tbs of tomato paste is good too, though optional) and then your favorite herbs like a bay leaf or parsley, oregano, basil, sage etc.).

    It's so easy and is nice with crusty bread or rice (non-crusty rice haha).

    I also like eggplant and spinach curry, kind of Palak Paneer style but I add eggplant so it's not just spinach.

    Good old 'eggplant stack' (Eggplant slices, tomatoes, and some kind of cheese like bocconcini, mozarella or just plain cheddar) and melting it in the oven.

    Stuffed eggplant is good too!
    Seriously- i had eggplant for weeks and weeks when i was doing FoodConnect farm boxes (seasonal produce).
    This is a long post about eggplant.
    I need to see you in real life!