Friday, July 2, 2010

vintage sheets and other musings

i have finally got my act together and posted of my vintage sheet fat quarters (just in time) for this swap here. im really excited to get all the pretty fabrics back and expand my slow growing fabric collection :)

here is a sneak peek...

im away this coming week on a service camp with some of the teenagers from church. 25 teens in a rural town running a holiday program for the local kids and other service projects for the community! it is a lot of work but always one of my favourite weeks in the whole year!

this year i am also coordinating an op shop formal which im super excited about and will share lots of pictures when i return. if i get organised i might schedule some posts for while i am away but since i havent packed yet and we are leaving in about 2 hours it doesnt look too promising... eek!

see you all in a week xx


  1. Beautiful fabrics! Good luck with the camp...I don't envy you with 25 teens!! ha ha. Have fun!

  2. Great sheets! I can't wait till we get our parcels back, so excited. Poor Ange has a huge task ahead of her though!
    I hope your camp goes well :)