Friday, July 2, 2010

at the op shops...

i have been doing some serious op shopping now i am on holidays! here are some of my favourite finds from the last week...

so much prettyness! im a bit shattered that the funky brown loafers are a little small... BOO! if only i wasnt such a big foot! but i guess that means that i will be putting them up on ebay in the next week or so...

have a fabulous weekend - kel xx

p.s - check out this fantastic giveaway!!

p.p.s - i got a job last week!!! a real life teaching job... im totally excited and a little bit scared! but in just over a week i will be teaching my very own class - eek!!


  1. Gorgeous finds!!! I have big feet too...hard to find good shoes!

    Congrats on the job. How exciting.

  2. i am in love with that old suit case. i collect them. that and old polaroids. love it!