Saturday, July 3, 2010

just a minute in... july

so i saw this rad idea over here and thought that i would give it a go for june... but as you can see i am a bit late so im trying to get in early for july :)

watching... not a lot to be honest. all the shows i love are on their super long break from t.v at the moment. however, my dad is visiting from china next weekend and he will being with him a plethora of dvds, including season five of criminal minds and the latest greys anatomy! cant wait!
eating... last night i ate turkish food! it is my firm belief that the best food in the world is from turkey. and their apple tea is super yummo!
reading... the short second life of bree tanner. it is taking me surprisingly long to get through. i plan to review it on this blog next week sometime... stay tuned!
listening... to my husband playing the playstation. grr. (i guess its a good trade off for spending so much time on the computer - haha)
wanting... a vintage bike and some brown vintage ankle boots... yes please!
excited about... starting work. surviving work. getting paid for work. woohoo!

feel free to play along on your own blog - its lots of fun :)
(leave me a comment if you are playing along so i can pop over and check out what your july looks like)

kel xx

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  1. hey kel :) Love this! Posting my version on my blog! Hope you had a great week xx