Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oh love

i love everything about the girl in this picture. the hair. the scarf. the navy top.

i have been on the hunt for a similar scarf ever since i first saw this picture. so far... no luck.

p.s - after all my excitement we cant get the keys to the new house til next week... BOO! but it does mean that i'll have time to visit here. i guess moving can wait...

have a happy weekend xx


  1. Oh that is such a pretty scarf!
    I have a lack of Navy in my wardrobe, something I might have to look into.
    I am happy with a surprise too :-)

  2. Her scarf is lovely. And I love the way she has styled it too. Oh no! (with not getting the keys to your new house) At least you will get to visit the art gallery. I haven't been there in ageeess! x