Sunday, July 11, 2010

im back...

hello friends...
i am back from a wonderfully exhausting week of service and fun. the idea is to gather up a group of people and head out to a more rural location to lend a hand for a week. the initiative is called STORMCO and stands for 'service to others really matters' (not sure about the co on the end). i went out as a trip leader and we took 24 high school aged kiddies along for the ride. We ran a holiday program for the local kids, scrubbed graffiti, painted, mulched, picked up rubbish and played some of the local boys in touch footy.

we also managed to have a whole lot of fun! it is so amazing to see these 14-16 year olds give up a week of their holidays, PAY to come along and work so hard! it was a week full of blessings!!

we put on an op shop formal for the kids who were on the trip which was a lot of fun! i'll post some pictures of that tomorrow... but until then - here are just a few of the wonderful week that was...

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  1. this looks like so much fun! that is cool that these kids are giving up their time to do something good.

    hope you have an excellent week!