Monday, August 2, 2010

at the op shop...

at my local salvos they have 'fill a bag' of books for $10. i will randomly pop in and do just that... it makes me happy :)! on friday i was there and had chosen and paid for all my books - as i was leaving i noticed a few sneaky boxes that had escaped my attention. i stoped to have a quick look through and found this treasure...

it is like the ultimate scrapbook of vintage crafts and goodies.. including awesome 80s hair :)!! i can just imagine the mama who lovingly collected and crafted these gorgeous toys!

softies, knitting, finger puppets, doll houses, kites... there is a bit of everything in here! i cant wait to find some time and get crafting :)

p.s - if any of the patterns you see here catch your eye or you would just like to have a bit of everything i would be happy to photocopy and pop them in the post for you. email me at kellie_fm(at)hotmail(dot)com if you are keen!!!


  1. what a lucky find!! Are those little finger puppets knit or crochet? x

  2. That is lovely. I like the memory associated with it. The mother lovingly putting the crafts away. Fill a bag of books for $10 is pretty good ;)

  3. Omigoodness! I love it! I love handmade finds like this - the nostalgia...