Sunday, August 1, 2010

scenes from the weekend

picnic joy, discovering new places to eat and a vintage fair...

extra notes about my weekend :)
1. the top photo is of my gorgeous friend kelsey (and my not so gorgeous feet)
2. that pasta was SO good that i forgot to take a photo until i had almost finished eating
3. FYI - if you are going to a vintage fair you should take more than $10 cash. i managed to score those 4 hankies in the bottom photo but could have come away with SO much more had i been more prepared!


  1. You pal IS gorgeous and a vintage fair sounds exciting! Love the pics :)

  2. Ohh beautiful pictures from the weekend. I love pasta and the hankies were an awesome find. A vintage fair sounds perfect.

  3. Such gorgeous finds! I particularly love the the hanky in the right of the bottom photo!

  4. Gorgeous hankies! I need me one of those!

    xo Lynzy
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  5. that first picture is so lovely! i might have to use it once.. hha. i hope you had a great weekend!

  6. i am for SURE using this picture! i'll be sure to share a link!!

  7. love those hankies!!!!!!! and yes the scarf in your next post is devine!!
    (in reply to your comment on my blog- i totally agree with you on the opshoping for bb clothes pre pregnancy,you will NEVER find those so sweet items again!!!! go you!!!!